Melbourne’s iconic Brighton Beach Boxes are located at the Dendy Street Beach and is located approximately 15 km south of the City of Melbourne.

I have heard about them, seen them on television hundreds of times and have appreciated the thousands of photos online, but I have never actually visited them.  With the Melbourne weather slowing losing it’s summer glow, I thought it was time to head to Brighton to see these glorious symbolic icons.

The best way to get there is at the intersection of Dendy Street and the Esplanade, Brighton.  It’s accessible by road, rail, bus and sea.  Bayside City Council provides a user pay car park.


* You must be a Bayside ratepayer to buy a Dendy Street bathing box.

* Licensees are not allowed to rent or sublet their bathing boxes.

* Licensees are not allowed to sleep in or use their bathing boxes as accommodation.

* They don’t have electricity or running water.

* Originally residents had to put their name on a waiting list for a bathing box, and paid about $11,000 for them; now they sell for up to $260,000.

* Bathing box designs and colours must not be used as advertising, or be painted in colours to advertise a business.

* Apparently the Brighton Beach Boxes are a combination of being privately owned and owned by the government/council. When a private owner wishes to sell one, the government/council buys it to retain its historic heritage from ever being tainted.  The owners of the boxes aren’t even permitted to re paint their box to a different style outside what is already displayed.


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Have you been to the Brighton Beach Boxes?  If so, what did you think?




  1. April 23, 2016  6:32 am by Jennifer P. Reply

    Great photos Christine

  2. January 25, 2017  8:57 pm by Jade Reply

    This is fantastic

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