Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is located about 30 minutes just past Marysville and is about a two hour drive from Melbourne City, making it one of the most popular snow destinations in Victoria.

We were all excited to visit Lake Mountain because it’s been a very, very long time since I have been to the snow and it will be the first for my husband and daughter (so excited), thus being the main reason for choosing Lake Mountain as I have heard that it’s a great destination for first time snow goers.


Non-commercial passenger vehicle

$56.00 per day for non-commercial passenger vehicles with up to 10 seats

(Vehicles with 10 or more seats are classified as a commercial bus and will incur the entry fee per head as per commercial bus pricing structure.)


$30 per day midweek for non-commercial passenger vehicles with up to 10 seats

$51 per day weekend for non-commercial passenger vehicles with up to 10 seats

(All vehicle passengers must be seniors.)


Motorbike – $14.00 per day

Bus – $17.80 per passenger over the age of 5 years, $11.30 per student/teacher passenger in an organised school group (mid-week only)

(A bus is classified as any vehicle with 11 or more seats, including the driver. Any vehicle with 11 or more seats will be subject to the bus gate-entry pricing structure.) 


** Prices are correct at time of post**


Snow Season Only

Monday to Friday: 8am to 4:30pm – all hired items must be returned by 4pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am to 5:30pm – all hired items must be returned by 5pm


Don’t have the right gear for the snow season and not sure what to buy?  Well just pop into the Resort Equipment Hire office and they will sort you out with all the right gear.  From waterproof clothing and snow boots to snow shoes and the fitting of ski boots and skis.  Their professionally trained staff will organise what you need to ensure your day is perfect and memorable.  Check out their deals on the website for different combo packages.

Resort Equipment Hire is located in the building opposite the Heights Bistro Building and adjacent to the Village Toboggan Run.


We decided to try out something quite simple and on a low entry level skill (so we thought ha ha).  What a fun and thrilling adventure we had on the toboggans and we stepped it up and went on the second slope which had a steeper run.  Toboggans are available for hire or you can bring your own.  Lake Mountain Alpine Resort has four dedicated toboggan slopes in the main resort precinct with runs to suit every level of skill.

For those first timers or worry warts, don’t be afraid because guest services and ski patrol keep a close eye on the toboggan areas to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for everyone.


We had a couple of vouchers for Heights Bistro and Bar to refuel after the morning on the slopes.  We were there at lunch time and the Bistro was completely over crowded.  We waited for a while to get a table and once we did we waited for another 15 to 20 minutes to get served.  Honestly speaking, the food in the Bistro was disappointing.  It’s very average and produced for the masses.  Our food was cold and very bland.

Just before we walked into the Bistro we had a sausage in bread from the van on the toboggan slope.  It actually hit the spot so much better than our actual lunch.  They also served jam donuts, milo and teas and the line wasn’t long at all.  Plus we got to sit in the snow and eat it. PERFECT.  Sometimes the little things are just what you need.


 ** Make sure you get there as early as possible because if the park is full, they will close the gates.

** Also arriving early will ensure a car park in the top car park which is close to the resort and you can return to your car quickly if you need something.

** Pack an esky full of drinks and snacks and leave it in the car.  Return to the car whenever you need a break or something to eat.

** Bring a lot of water with you.  Although you’re surrounded by snow, you will get dehydrated quickly with all the playing around.

** For beginners, don’t bother about buying or bringing all your ski gear and carrying it around, hire it instead.

** Snow chains may be required for 2 wheel drive vehicle if there has been heavy snowfall. Chains can be hired in Marysville at the base of the mountain.  For further information, please visit the website.

** Have the correct shoes for the snow. We saw countless people wearing runners and even saw one lady in wedges. OMG..


Overall, we had a fantastic time and I can’t recommend Lake Mountain enough.  It’s a great destination for families with kids and it’s not too far away either.  Lake Mountain is truly a winter wonderland and we will definitely be back again soon.  Thanks for the great memories Lake Mountain and another item ticked off our bucket list.

For more information, please visit:

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

1071 Lake Mountain Rd, Marysville VIC 3779, Australia

Phone: (03) 5957 7222


I would like to thank Lake Mountain Alpine Resort for hosting our visit and allowing me to share this wonderful experience with you all, and as always, my opinion is definitely my own.

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