The Eureka Skydeck is said to be one of Melbourne’s most spectacular tourist destinations and the inspiring views from the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere will the change the way people look at Melbourne.

Well I thought I would put that statement to the test.  Over the weekend, I had planned to take my daughter and husband to the Eureka Sky Deck to see what all the hype was about.  Located on Level 88 of Eureka Tower, Eureka Skydeck is 285 metres above the ground but only a swift 40 second elevator ride away.

 The Eureka Skydeck originally opened in 2007 and has hosted millions of visitors from around the world.

I definitely wanted to experience The Edge.  The Edge is a 3m by 3m transparent glass cube, which slides out from the building, suspending guests above the Melbourne skyline.  You can also get your official photo taken while out on the Edge. All pictures are available for purchase and can be sent via MMS or email, ready for upload to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.





Adult $19.50

Concession $15.00

Child (4-16) $11.00

Family (2A & 2C) $44.00

Sun and Stars

Adult $25.00

Concession $20.50

Child (4-16) $16.50

Family (2A & 2C) $60.00

The Edge

Adult $12.00

Concession $10.00

Child (4-16) $8.00

Family (2A & 2C) $29.00


My Overall Verdict:

I definitely recommend checking the weather forecast before you go.  You don’t want it to be cloudy or raining.  That would take away from the amazing views.  The panorama views of Melbourne were absolutely stunning.  You have floor to ceiling views over Melbourne’s CDB, Port Phillip Bay and the Docklands.


The Edge Experience (at an additional cost) is worth the experience.  Unfortunately you cannot take photographs on The Edge although they do offer souvenir photos for you at an additional cost of $15 per photo.

The glass box moves out of the building with the opaque glass clearing once you’re out. You can see down 285 meters through the glass floor to the roads below.  My daughter really enjoyed it.  The glass is not 100% clear as I was told it has to be reflective which honestly kills abit of the buzz, but it’s still worth a visit if you’re up there.


The Terrace is an outdoor area that lets you get up close and personal with the high winds and the great views of Melbourne.  You can’t really take any photos out there because it’s enclosed by a wire grid.

The Key Landmark Viewfinders are a great idea and there are over 30 of them throughout the Skydeck floor.  They pinpoint where all the attractions are located.

Eureka Vertigo is one of the latest attractions up on the Skydeck.  What is it you ask?  Well it’s a great way to have an interactive photo taken.  They have the iconic glass cube (The Edge) up against a green screen where you can jump in it and take crazy and imaginative photos.  See below for ours.

Overall we had a great time at The Eureka Sky Deck and I definitely recommend you take a visit.  The kids will love it.    My tip for this experience is to make sure you buy your Edge ticket as soon as you get there because there was a long waiting line when we got there.  I would really like to come back and experience the Melbourne Views at night time, so check back for the review in time.

I would like to thank The Eureka Skydeck for hosting my visit and as always, my opinion is my own.

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