Have you seen the Pink Lake in Melbourne?

Scrolling through my social media accounts lately, I came across dozens of photos of the Pink Lake in Melbourne and I thought I better take my family to see it before it disappears.

The Pink Lake is located at Westgate Park, Todd Road in Port Melbourne which is about 10 to 15 minutes drive from Melbourne CBD.

Why is it Pink? 

According to Parks Victoria, “Westgate Park’s lake has turned pink again this season: a natural phenomenon in response to very high salt levels, high temperatures, sunlight and lack of rainfall. The Algae growing in the salt crust at the bottom of the lake produces the red pigment (beta carotene) as part of its photosynthesis process and in response to the extremely high salt levels”.

The lake is expected to return to its normal colour in autumn, so make sure you go and see it before it’s too late.

Hot Tips

** Wear comfortable shoes to walk around the lake.

** Go early as possible to beat the crowds photographing this natural beauty.

** For great photos, walk to the back of the lake where there aren’t as many people.




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