There were so many wonderful entries to this competition but this was a stand out winner.


Do you want to win a Hosted Winery Tour at Domaine Chandon Winery and a     2 Course Set Menu for Two valued at $250?


All you need to do to be in the running for this fantastic prize is:

1. Be a subscribed member to my website

2. Comment below on why you would you like to win.

Competition opens on Wednesday the 4th March and will close 12pm on Wednesday 25th March 2015.  Only open to Victorian Residents.  Good Luck.

Domain Chandon Winery

727 Maroondah Highway, Coldstream, VIC, 3770

Phone: 03 9738 9200





  1. March 4, 2015  8:18 am by Ling Reply

    I would love to win because my in-laws moved in with us a few weeks ago & I'm sick and tired of my mother-in-laws bland cooking! We've been sneaking out to eat Maccas after nibbling dinner. It is THAT bad! Anyway, winning this would be such a treat! Thanks Christine :)

  2. March 4, 2015  5:48 pm by sam Reply

    awsome and yummy

  3. March 4, 2015  11:03 pm by Linda Reply

    Why I would like to win? very simple..winning this would be the only way I could experience such a wonderful slice of luxury.
    When I decided to be a full time SAHM I knew we would have to make massive sacrifices. But every now and then you hope for a little indulgence, something to look forward too, something from my "double income no kids" lifestyle. But then again that was my choice to make and nothing wrong with "nandos" lol
    Wonderful giveaway, good luck everyone.

  4. March 5, 2015  3:44 am by Allison Falo Reply

    I would love to win as I have never been to a winery before and I would live a day there with my hubby for our 10th Wedding Anniversary

  5. March 5, 2015  6:30 am by Sarah Thomas Reply

    Christine, I'm looking at your captivating photos of the Domaine Chandon Winery and cannot help but think, the only thing that would compliment the beauty of the winery and the pleasure of the fine wine, is the company of my daughter! A winning experience for Maryam's April visit to Melbourne for my birthday, complimentary or not!

  6. March 5, 2015  11:36 am by iuworldtraveler Reply

    I would like to win to explore and have a different experience in another part of Australia. initially arriving here on a work and holiday visa currently working still on a tight budget. Sacrificing money because I'd like to stay in Australia. The opportunity to travel to a luxury places like this would make my day.

  7. March 7, 2015  9:31 pm by Ian Hawkins Reply

    would like to put a smile on my wife's dial

  8. March 7, 2015  10:39 pm by Billie Reply

    I would love to take my hubby away for a wine and dine experience. Why? Because we love wine, it's a beautiful destination and no kids for an overnight adventure!

  9. March 8, 2015  11:53 am by julie pignataro Reply

    The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars just like Domain Chandon Winery. Date night with husband so long over due, what more could a mother wants , than a night out with her husband,make the love bloom.

  10. March 8, 2015  10:05 pm by Amy Reply

    Would be the perfect anniversary treat for hubbie and in-laws are coming to Oz in april and it would be the perfect treat as we will have babysitters wooo hooo! Amy from

  11. March 9, 2015  12:40 am by Olivia Reply

    Would be the perfect engagement treat & we'll book an overnight stay to make a weekend of it. We're currently living with our parents so we can save money for the wedding so it'll be amazing to have some 'us time' with a glass of Chandon Rose.

  12. March 10, 2015  5:35 am by Marc Bergmann Reply

    I am new to the wine appreciation game. After a recent wine course, I have become hungry to try as many style and varieties and soaking up the experience. There's so much to learn and the journey fascinates me!

  13. March 10, 2015  9:39 pm by Karolina Reply

    I love to win because this would be a experience I would not want to miss.

  14. March 11, 2015  2:17 am by RB Reply

    This will be a weekend we'll cherish forever. Such an epic love story deserves and epic setting....

  15. March 14, 2015  12:34 am by Ariel Riley Reply

    My husband is a wine lover and fan and he would utterly love this relaxing and wonderful experience.

  16. March 15, 2015  5:14 am by nick Reply

    what better way to enjoy the finer things in life at such a great place at the chandon to have such a enjoyable weekend with good wine and food with the person you love.

  17. March 15, 2015  9:49 am by Janelle Reply

    The Yarra Valley is picturesque with an abundance of delicious food and wine. There is nothing more relaxing than spending an afternoon in the sunshine with a glass of wine. I'm slowly drinking my way around; however, I have not had the pleasure to visit Domaine Chandon yet. Winning this experience would be the perfect excuse to pop in and indulge!

  18. March 15, 2015  10:58 am by Kylie Reply

    A perfect way to complete the fairytale. Our wedding the other week was magical, and with an upcoming honeymoon to Paris - we need to brush up on our wine knowledge!

  19. March 15, 2015  1:55 pm by Leonie Reply

    I would love to go with my partner, but I actually want to send my loving and selfless parents to the winery tour to celebrate their 30th anniversay. They are an amazing couple and after everything they have been through for the past few years they really deserve to enjoy themselves.

  20. March 16, 2015  9:05 am by diggingpotatoes Reply

    I'd love to treat my Mum and Dad to lunch at Domaine Chandon Winery. (I'd try not to be too jealous!)

  21. March 16, 2015  11:02 am by Amelia Kingston Reply

    Hemmingway said “Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.” I surely can't put it any better than Hemmingway, wine is life!

  22. March 17, 2015  12:08 am by Alex Reply

    I'd love to win because my partner and I are currently living in two different countries and it'd be so nice to spoil him next time I'm home in Melbourne with him.

  23. March 17, 2015  1:28 am by Adam Todd Reply

    Wow- looks amazing! I'd love to take my Dad for his 70th Birthday in April - just the two of us among beautiful surroundings and perfect food and wine!

  24. March 17, 2015  1:37 am by Michelle Marcus Reply

    It would be a wonderful day out for my fiancé and myself. We've barely spent any time together lately with work obligations etc

  25. March 17, 2015  11:21 am by Liz Reply

    I would love to take my mother-in-law. She has been such a great help and we would love to treat her to something like this to say "Thank you!"

  26. March 17, 2015  11:53 am by Mleinda Reply

    It would be a waste to take my husband, as he is not a drinker at all. Which is great when I need a taxi driver. But on this occasion I would love to take one of my closest friends. A fellow Mum, who doesn't get out much, other than to work, do shopping and drive kids from one place to the next. The gorgeous Chandon estate would be the perfect escape for two worn out mothers who needs some time out! Good company, great bubbles and peace and quiet...lovely.

  27. March 18, 2015  7:48 am by Jenna Reply

    I'd love to win so I can bring my Mum as my plus one. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree (or the grape from the vine..) and we both love our vino! Plus, after raising me for 18 years, she could use the stress relief ;) Just subscribed to your newsletter

  28. March 18, 2015  8:19 am by Lauren Reply

    I would love to win this to surprise my partner. He's been having a really stressful time at work lately and never gets the opportunity to relax and treat himself. The first time I was lucky enough to go to Chandon he was unable to come due to work commitments, so this would be such a wonderful treat for someone who works tirelessly.

  29. March 19, 2015  1:27 am by Elena Argyriou Reply

    It would be a wonderful day out for my husband and myself. We don't spend any time together with work and looking after our grandson leaves us no time for ourselves.

  30. March 19, 2015  5:41 am by Helenna Reply

    I would love to win because as a student, I don't often have the means to indulge in a little bit of luxury. My partner is a hard working tradie and keen amateur photographer, so with such a stunning backdrop, Chandon looks like the ideal place to immerse ourselves in some much needed down time and culture.

  31. March 19, 2015  1:03 pm by Kat Reply

    I would love to win because wine is a sure way to get my husband smiling! Just like everybody else working full time and looking after the family and household makes those days when you spoil yourself super special and important.

    Good luck everyone :)

  32. March 20, 2015  7:42 am by Hannah Reply

    It would be an absolute dream to win this prize as the last time I went to Domaine Chandon it was closed, the scenery was beautiful and I'd love to experience the estate and restaurant properly. Bubbles are a girls best friend after all!

  33. March 21, 2015  12:36 am by Tanya Clarke Reply

    What a picturesque spot! I'd love to sit and have a meal with such a great view of the vineyards. Heaven!

  34. March 21, 2015  12:40 am by RICHARD D T WILSON Reply

    My wife is just starting cancer treatment so would love to give her a treat.

  35. March 21, 2015  12:51 am by skye hawkins Reply

    it would be such a lovely luxurious experience and since my boyfriend and i are moving out for the first time, dining out won't happen as much and especially at places like this and it is something we have never experienced so it would really spectacular

  36. March 21, 2015  3:20 am by Hayley Parker Reply

    I have never had the opportunity to stop and eat in Coldstream before unless buying produce from the side of the road counts.
    To have the experience of wining and dining like a real grown up living it up would make my year.

  37. March 21, 2015  5:50 am by Lyrae OKeefe Reply

    Have you ever had someone in your life that is that special to you that all you want to do is spoil them with the very best of everything, not with money but with experiences, things in life you will never forget, experiences that you will be talking about in 20 years time.

  38. March 21, 2015  5:53 am by Belinda Reply

    As I look at the mountains in your photo I reflect on our Wedding day in Healesville. We celebrated our tenth by going back there and now I 'd love to relive the moment for our eighteenth anniversary by drinking the finest wines and dining in the unparalleled Domaine Chandon Winery with those beautiful mountains in the background.

  39. March 21, 2015  6:46 am by Vanessa Ebert Reply

    Id love for my partner and I to be able to have a luxurious meal, winery tour and to meet you Christine, at Domaine Chandon winery. Brett is a passionate videographer and has a keen eye for beauty, while my tastebuds do the talking as we eat and video our way arond the world. Unfortunately I have been unwell for over a year now and it has limited our ability to go out for fun, so after my next operation Id love to surprise Brett and take him to Domaine Chandon.

  40. March 21, 2015  10:29 am by Paul McCallum Reply

    Always up for a free meal, sounds great!

  41. March 21, 2015  11:05 am by kavita Reply

    i'd love to win because that picture of such a juicy, tender looking steak paired with a chandon wine and a gorgeous backdrop is already making me feel more relaxed, imagine how it would be in person!

  42. March 22, 2015  1:15 am by Lana Reply

    This would be a lovely treat. A little piece of France in our backyard.

  43. March 22, 2015  2:47 am by Breearna Reply

    Very simply - because my hubby-to-be and I just bought a house and are getting married next year and finances are tough! We've cut out all luxuries to be able to get by! This would be the most amazing treat for us foodies!! We drive past all the time but have never been in to experience it for ourselves!

  44. March 22, 2015  4:18 am by bronwyn mcfadzean Reply

    What wonderful prize. No need to travel interstate. Everything is right here in Victoria. What a beautiful backdrop Domaine Chandon has. Would love to celebrate my sisters birthday later in the year.

  45. March 22, 2015  5:15 am by Rebecca Raudino Reply

    Two children does not make it easy to get away for my husband and I for us time. I am pretty sure that my mother would be happy to baby sit for a small period of time for us to enjoy each others company together and to feel spoilt.

  46. March 22, 2015  5:42 am by Karly Reply

    I would love to win this as I couldn't think of a better place to spend my first wedding anniversary with my hubby. The scenery looks amazing, and the food looks just divine!! Living in the suburbs, we rarely get a chance to be out in the countryside away from it all, and this would be a perfect opportunity to do just that. Many thanks for the opportunity to enter this great competition :)

  47. March 22, 2015  6:22 am by Gem Reply

    Christine your passion for photography and travel is beautifully captured in your posted pictures of Chandon Winery in the beautiful Yarra Valley. It would be lovely to enjoy such picturesque scenery and beautiful food with my best friend...perfect.

  48. March 22, 2015  7:40 am by Mona Reply

    Late sun sinks over mountain peaks,
    Fresh food abounds and rosy cheeks,
    Elegant wine, stars twinkle above,
    An evening filled with laughter and love!

  49. March 22, 2015  8:14 am by Cheryl Moulton Reply

    This would be a perfect way to say thank you to my daughter, a mother daughter day out and as we live in Croydon, not too far for us to travel.

  50. March 22, 2015  9:47 am by Rosemary Riddell Reply

    Domain Chandon guided tour and exquisite luncheon to make my Birthday perfect! Simply stunning day out with the man I love and Chandon. Heaven! Thank you God!!

  51. March 22, 2015  10:39 am by April Reply

    The wine is so delicious, the restaurant has to be amazing! We'd love to get a night off from the tots and enjoy dinner at Chandon

  52. March 22, 2015  10:46 am by Wilma Brbot Reply

    Lovers in hand, me and my husband. Exploring Domaine Chandon's stunning sights. Feasting on gastronomic delights. Romantic walks with gorgeous winery views. Toasting to love with fine booze. Vineyard romance....our love enhanced.

  53. March 22, 2015  2:01 pm by shontelle Reply

    My 2 best friends have lost a combined 35kgs since New Years! Would love them to share this experience as a little "congratulations" treat! =)

  54. March 22, 2015  10:28 pm by sheldyn warwick-hart Reply

    I would love to win this to show my beautiful partner how special he is. I'm a uni student so extravagant gifts like this experience are a bit out of my league at the moment. He honestly deserves everything..we recently moved to melb from QLD together so this would be a lovely way to see some more of Vic.

  55. March 23, 2015  3:04 am by Kimberley Anderson Reply

    I have driven past many of times, would love to go in and sample the champagne and food.

  56. March 23, 2015  3:33 am by Kaitlen Rawsthorne Reply

    Supporting my partner while he follows his dream often doesn't allow for many indulgences in our lives (yet anyway)! This would be a fabulous surprise and treat for the both of us having not yet seen the Yarra Valley.

  57. March 23, 2015  5:29 am by ROSEMARY HARRIS Reply

    I would love to take my mother here for an early or late Mother's Day. She is nearly 92 and still loves her wine and keeps telling me " this will be my last ..... darling" (insert Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day) depending what is up next ) Well if this is her last, what a way to enjoy it.

  58. March 23, 2015  9:42 am by Jessie Reply

    It would be perfect to win such a romantic prize. My boyfriend and I have just moved and we all know how sressfull that can be, plus everything else that has hit us all at one. To get away from it all would be perfect!

  59. March 23, 2015  10:18 am by Laura Carey Reply

    My Mum's 70th birthday is coming up and she has already told me "You are not to organise a party or spend a ridiculous amount of money on me!" If I won this, I could still give her an amazing gift to share, without breaking my promise!

  60. March 23, 2015  11:52 am by Hayley Reply

    Going to Domaine Chandon would be the perfect surprise for my Mum's birthday. She works so hard and this would be an amazing way to celebrate her birthday with her (and to show her how much she really means to me, and how much I appreciate everything that she does).

  61. March 23, 2015  7:09 pm by Izabella Reply

    On this day 14 years ago we wed. There was a time when we enjoyed going out for dinners and lunch. But now we spend our time being a taxi service for our bunch! Swimming, soccer, karate- our kids have a better social life than us! A day for the two of us with a great menu and bubbles now that could be trouble! A peaceful meal in surroundings that are ideal now wouldn't that be surreal!

  62. March 23, 2015  8:38 pm by Jen Smith Reply

    A beautiful warm way to enjoy a luxurious meal in a magnificent location to reconnect with a loved one.

  63. March 24, 2015  2:21 am by Nicole Weedon Reply

    I would love to win this prize so my partner and I could visit the Domain Chandon Winery. We have really started to get into wine lately and I'm interested in the wines on offer and the process in which they are made. It would also be delicious the eat a meal and sip on wine as we take in the beautiful scenery.

  64. March 24, 2015  3:28 am by Ke Reply

    As new parents, hubby and I would love a mini-break away (and a proper excuse for a tipple!)

  65. March 24, 2015  5:30 am by Olivia Reply

    The stunning surrounds coupled with delicate notes of pinot noir, a delectable feast to set my taste buds a light and fresh lavender wafting through the air are just a few of the wonderful reasons I'd love a lunch for two at Domaine Chandon winery.

  66. March 24, 2015  9:22 am by brigitte duquesne Reply

    Hubby's birthday is coming up and i could not think of a more better treat than to spend a lazy afternoon at Domain Chandon Winery!

  67. March 24, 2015  9:46 am by Kirsty Reply

    To escape from the city and awaken the senses, exploring the journey of grapes from the vine to a bottle of bubbles divine. A sumptuous platter shared with my lover, what more would we ask… with that view to die for!

  68. March 24, 2015  10:24 am by Billyjean Reply

    My long suffering husband has helped and supported me through a pretty tough and demanding time, tirelessly doing anything and everything possible to make things easier for me and ensuring our little cherubs flourish. I'd love to indulge him in a decadent weekend away as a small token of my appreciation, as a food and wine lover he would be in his element with lunch at Domaine Chandon.

  69. March 24, 2015  11:55 am by Catrina Murray Reply

    I would love the chance to 'unwined' with you and soak up some wonderful wine, humorous times and (hopefully!) some sunshine!

  70. March 24, 2015  4:10 pm by Vija Reply

    You should always have sparkle in your life. It makes life bubbly!

  71. March 24, 2015  8:03 pm by Cathleen T Reply

    Because I've got Bills, I gotta pay, and I don't see a two fifty dollar lunch everyday!

  72. March 25, 2015  12:10 am by Lara Reply

    A beautiful way to bring closure to twelve months of bad luck and look ahead to the future - toasting with Domaine Chandon bubbles.

  73. March 25, 2015  12:53 am by Dee Vah (@deevajo) Reply

    A luxurious indulgence in the 3 C's Chandon, culture and cuisine, definitely the answer to my dreams

  74. March 25, 2015  2:17 am by samantha Reply

    just to get away for a weekend from the hustle and bustle

  75. March 25, 2015  2:45 am by Kelly Arndt Reply

    Romance? What's that?! Oh, I think I vaguely recall,
    But it's forever since we had any at all...
    15 years together and four children, too,
    Romance is something we USED to do!
    Now mealtime is a chaotic time, usually undertaken on the go,
    To be survived. But enjoyed? Um, not really, no!
    Children don't allow for much adult alone time,
    A tour to Domaine Chandon Winery would just be sublime!
    To end with dinner at the Chandon Greenpoint Brasserie,
    Would cap off the most perfect day for me!

    Well, almost. We REALLY have to work on the romantic side of things...!

  76. March 25, 2015  3:33 am by Vicki F Reply

    We'd love to charge our glasses, escape to a wine lover's paradise, indulge, relax, digest and toast and enjoy the beauty of Domaine Chandon, the Yarra Valley and each other on our upcoming 24th Wedding Anniversary.

  77. March 25, 2015  10:16 am by Linda S Reply

    I'm not interested in whingers, .... but I do love a good wine!

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