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Looking for a beautiful range of children’s products?

Look no further than Melbourne based company Jack and Evelyn.   Created in 2014 to fill a number of gaps found when searching for their own children, Jack and Evelyn’s range of products have been designed with a passion for quality, style and simplicity.

Their poncho towel, baby bib and long sleeve smock bib designs are simple and beautiful, without overpowering prints and characters.  Elegant step stools will provide your child with independence throughout your home, but not at the expense of your decor!  Jack & Evelyn’s chairs and toy boxes provide a unique and special personalised touch to your child’s bedroom or toyroom.

Jack & Evelyn has kindly teamed up with Christine King Photography, Travel, Lifestyle to giveaway a couple of their amazing products.

Jack & Evelyn would love to give our lucky viewers the chance to win 1 of 3 Poncho Towels valued at $35.00 and 1 of 2 Step Stools valued at $49.00.



All you need to do to be in the running to win one of these great prizes is to answer the following two questions in the comments box below.

1. What product would you like to win and why?

2. What Jack & Evelyn product is on your wish list?

Competition opens Wednesday 13th May and closes 12pm on the 27th May 2015.  Open to all Victorian residents.  Poncho Towels are style to fit 2 to 8 year olds.  Good Luck.

For more information, please visit

Jack & Evelyn




Lara was lucky enough to try one out one of their gorgeous Poncho Towels.  Now I must admit that the weather in Melbourne recently hasn’t been great at all for heading down to the beach or to the swimming pool but Lara tested her one out at bath time.

Jack & Evelyn poncho towels are made of 100% cotton terry towelling and as Lara states “it’s soft like a bunny”.  We found the poncho towels very absorbent and in great condition after i put it through the washing machine test.

Lara, who is very independent at the age of two and half found it very easy to put on herself with the great open neck design.

Thank you Jack & Evelyn for allowing us to try one out.

AKA, Little Red Riding Hood.

AKA, Little Miss Red Riding Hood.




  1. May 13, 2015  10:28 am by Kirsty Crowther Reply

    I'd love to win the step stool for my children because we all need a little boost in life and the wobbly chair doesn't give me confidence. The Jack & Evelyn step stool looks very sturdy and stable to give me confidence as a parent to let the kids utilise it.

    My wishlist item would definitely be the personalised wooden toy box. How gorgeous are they?

  2. May 14, 2015  4:13 am by Karly Reply

    If I was a super lucky winner, I'd absolutely love to win a gorgeous Jack and Evelyn step stool. It would be just perfect for my little boy to assist him with his standing and sitting practice (he has an issue with his knees), to keep some of his toys in and when he gets a bit older to use in the kitchen to be at bench height.

    Definitely the next thing on my wish list would be some long sleeve smock bibs!! They will help keep his clothes clean and stain free - especially when he's currently learning to feed himself!!

  3. May 20, 2015  3:33 am by Ewa Reply

    I love the step stool for two main reasons because with it Nick could reach everywhere and easily wash his hands by himself as well as hide his treasures inside.

    I wouldn’t mind the poncho towel as it looks so soft and cosy. Pity doesn't fit me . In the swimming pool would be very helpful as well as on the beach when is a bit windy.

  4. May 25, 2015  2:31 am by Tracey Reply

    I would love to win the step stool. Looks fantastic. My wish list item would be the tables and chairs.

  5. May 26, 2015  3:25 am by Hayley Parker Reply

    The Poncho towel is my ideal pick as would be perfect and modern to pop over after swimming lessons for my 4 year old son.
    The step stool is also such a modern sensible item and would add some security to my children when reaching things rather than the current ones available on the market.

  6. May 26, 2015  12:13 pm by Joe Reply

    My son would love a navy blue poncho towel. It would be great for bathtime and I'm sure he'd run around the house with it on after a bath!! Next thing on my wish list would be a personalised wooden toybox in navy blue, with my son's name Jack on it (it must be a sign that there is a pic of these toyboxes on their website with Jack on it!!)

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