How many of you have travelled overseas to a different country and have asked a local if it’s okay to take a photo of them as a souvenir to take home for your travel memories? GUILTY……


Have you ever given them anything in return for the photo? Money, Food, Gifts etc.?

What about giving them back the photo you took of them so they can keep it as a keepsake?

I have always loved photography and absolutely love the Polaroid Camera.  It’s a great way of keeping photos apart from the everyday digital prints.

I have been inspired by TRAVEL BY POLAROID to give back and what better way than with a Polaroid photograph.  What a great lasting impression to give to someone who may not even have any access to take their own photographs.  Not only do you take a memory home, but you are leaving one behind.

This section is designed to inspire you the traveller, to appreciate the country, the people and the land that you travel to and to remember to always give back a lasting impression.



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