Following on from the Personalised Christmas Sacks and the Personalised Back Packs are some more back to school products from Identikid.  Are your kids ready?

Here are a couple of fantastic products that have been tested out by my daughter.

Personalised Pencil Case: Made from Neoprene (wetsuit material).  They come in two sizes, normal and jumbo.  They are very sturdy and definitely kid proof.  Add your name and design.

Personalised Drink Bottle Cover: Made from Neoprene (wetsuit material).  These bottle covers are fantastic for kids.  They come with a clip or a lanyard that can be attached to a bag.  They fit most shaped bottles and will stretch.  No more getting them mixed up and drinking from other people’s bottles.  Add your name and design.

Wristbands:  I absolutely love these wristbands.  My daughter is at the age of running off when we are out so these come in handy.  They are durable and waterproof material.  These are great to notify others of your child’s needs or just practical when you are out for the day.  These are currently on special, so check them out.

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  1. January 19, 2015  8:11 am by Linda Reply

    A very pretty and lucky little lady

    • January 21, 2015  1:48 am by Christine King Reply

      Oh thank you for the compliments Linda. Yes she is very lucky indeed.

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