Following up from the Personalised Christmas Sacks from Identikid is the  Personalised Back Packs.  With the Childcare enrolment forms already due in and the school kids book lists and uniforms already to be purchased, ensure that you don’t forget to purchase your Personalised Back Pack.  My daughter loves hers and is already showing everyone at her Childcare her NEW bag.

I thought the design of the bag is made really well.  I like that there is an outside pocket for the water bottle.  There are also a lot of compartments inside and I found that the zips are very sturdy.  The backpack straps are very broad and very comfortable for kids carrying heavy books.  I really recommend this bag.





 For more information on how to order, please visit:







  1. November 30, 2014  2:40 am by Linda Reply

    So cute

  2. October 24, 2017  10:12 am by Jenelle Reply

    Love these products. So great for kids.

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