Kids, toys and tidying up.  Ahhh…..

As you all know, I have a 2 and a half year old daughter and I’m now starting to find her small toys all over the house.  It’s so frustrating and I’m sure you’re all reading this and saying “Yeah, I know that feeling”.

So after searching on the internet, I came across Melbourne designed product Play N Wrap.  What is it you ask? It’s a simple but clever idea to help with tidying up.  It’s a big hobby mat which is 1.5 meters wide and double layered.  Basically you put all your toys on there and once finished, just simply pull the cord and you’re packed up in minutes.

Melbourne Creator Shilpa Joglekar was inspired by trying to find the right solution when it came time to tidy up for her kids:

“I was desperate for a tidy up solution. There were a few in the market, but none that met our needs. That’s when I decided to make a hobby mat myself. It had to be large enough for two to play on, easy and quick to tidy up. It had to be portable for playdates and sleepovers. Good looks would be the bonus”.

Play N Wrap is the perfect solution for kids with Lego, loom bands, beaded jewellery, hair ties and hair clips and all those small little bits of toys.

Priced at $39.95, and includes FREE shipping within Australia.

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Mobile: 0402 773 676



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