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I have always loved a good road trip and now with my daughter, I try and take every opportunity to get out and visit as much as we can.  Whether it’s a camping trip, a weekend stay in the city or just a day trip, I love packing up the car and making new adventures and memories and with the school holidays just around the corner, what a great excuse to get back out for another road trip.

Don’t risk a highly stressful, avoidable and unhelpful roadside emergency these school holidays, RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance is ‘Heaps More Helpful’.  So, be sure to put this on your to do list before the holidays.

Here are a few more important tips to follow for a successful road trip:

Car Maintenance: 

Whether you have a mechanic or you can do it yourself, it’s always a great idea to check over the car.  Check the fluid levels (oil and water), hose and belt connections, wiper blades, tyre pressure, headlights and indicators.  Ensure that your spare tyre is in working order too.

Advise others of your Plans:

If you are heading out to an area with no reception or mobile service, please let your family and friends know of your travel plans before you head off.  You don’t want to get stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no one knowing your whereabouts.

Join Roadside Assistance:

RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance is the assurance you need if you don’t want to be caught on the roadside with no one to call and far more important places to be.  Call someone who cares, call RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance.

Share the driving:

It is better to be refreshed and swap with a partner or friend every few hours to break up the driving on long trips. It may be tempting to soldier on, but it’s safer to share the stints with a co-driver.


For those with kids or even the adults, the famous “Are we there yet” can be annoying to the driver on long trips.  Ensure that you have plenty of snacks to keep the kids occupied and don’t forgot to bring bottles of water too.

Hope these tips were handy for your next road trip.

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Do you have any more handy tips that you would like to share with us?


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