After taking the Travelon Anti Theft React Small Messenger Bag on a weekend away, I decided it was time for an overseas test drive.  I trusted my bag to a very good friend and asked her to test it out.  Here is her review.

Which Travelon Bag did you have the pleasure of using?

I was lucky enough to test out the Blue Anti Theft React Small Messenger Bag


Where did you take the Travelon Anti Theft React Small Messenger Bag?

I took the Anti Theft to Phuket in Thailand. 


What did you think of the Travelon Anti Theft React Small Messenger Bag?

Well I would have to say, it’s a really Great Travelling Bag….it’s the must have travelling bag for all those day trips when you are travelling and it holds everything in place. Little compartment here and little compartment there.  

This Bag was so good that at one stage of the travel I was asked to take my passports out and my daughter had locked the bag using the safety clips to close off the zippers…….I had to work really fast to try and open them, which means that if anyone tried to take anything they would be there for a while……

The joke was: “Travelon Anti Theft React Messenger Bag is so good, you can’t even steal Your Own passports”. 


Was there anything that could have improved the Travelon Anti Theft React Small Messenger Bag?

 Maybe some different designs, but there is nothing else that I can think that needed to be improved as there is even a zipped part to put your water bottle.


Would you recommend this bag for other travellers?  If so why

I would definitely recommend this bag for every traveller, it’s easy to use and it locks everything in. The straps are soft and it’s comfortable to wear.

Thank you to Hayley Mustapha from C’Belle Moda for testing out my bag.

Please check out her Instagram account @cbellemoda and her website

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