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It’s that time of the year again where all the Christmas Festivities are in full swing. Great times with family and friends, champagne, an abundance of delicious food and New Year’s just peaking around the corner.  It’s time to get out that New Year’s Resolution list and start preparing for the year ahead.  What’s on your list?  Mine this year has been thoughtfully picked out.  Get fit, eat healthy and be more active. It sounds simple enough, but sometimes, it’s very hard to achieve.  Add in a full time job, a part time blog, a 3 year old child and a busy social life, well yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

In order to achieve my goals for 2016, I decided to put Tassal to the test. Tassal has just launched its salmon Snacking Range comprising three tasty combinations to provide the perfect solution for a healthy and nutritious meal without resorting to those unhealthy alternatives.


Tassal is known for its delicious Tasmanian grown Atlantic salmon which is now available in a new range of convenient, healthy and tasty meals for everyday Aussies who are constantly juggling work, family, health and social commitments. There’s no need to heat or refrigerate Tassal’s Snacking Range, just simply grab and go.

Tassal’s new snacking range includes Salmon & Beans, Salmon & Rice and Salmon & Quinoa, each with targeted health benefits including protein, fibre and omega 3. Tassal’s new snacking range provides a healthy, easy and delicious alternative to processed snacks and are all packed with natural goodness.

As you all know from reading my blog, that I’m a full time working mum so a lot of the time when I’m looking for a snack on the go, I tend to reach for those quick and easy chocolates, lollies and cakes. I feel guilty when doing so, but have since learnt that snacking doesn’t have to be hard or unhealthy.  Tassal’s new snacking range is an easy, quick, delicious and healthy option for busy and active men and women who don’t want to sacrifice health for taste.

Tassal is the only brand supplying 100% Australian grown and canned salmon to major supermarkets. Consumers have peace of mind knowing their salmon is locally (and sustainably) sourced and canned and from the 26th October 2015, the Tassal Snacking range is available in Coles for RRP $4.29. It’s definitely a win win situation with a great tasting product and great value for money.

Yesterday, I was on the run with grocery shopping, running errands and my 3 year in tow, so I quickly grabbed one of the new snacking ranges from Tassal and had it for my lunch.  The Salmon & Quinoa (pictured below) was great tasting and definitely hit the spot.  It was a great healthy alternative to snacking on junk food, which I must honestly admit I do a lot.

Have you tasted any of Tassal’s new snacking range? What were your thoughts?

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