Medium Ultra Trampoline by Vuly Trampolines

With Christmas fast approaching and being in current Covid lockdowns in Victoria, we were very excited to test out the Medium Ultra Trampoline by Vuly Trampolines.

Ultra is Australia’s favourite trampoline.  With a design that’s been tested in thousands of backyards, including ours, there’s no comprises on safety and fun.  They are made strong and safe and tested right here in Australia.


Trampoline width

S: 270cm   M: 323cm   L: 359cm   XL: 427.5cm

Safety Net height

S: 175cm   M: 175cm   L: 175cm   XL: 175cm

Mat width

S: 204.5cm   M: 267cm   L: 323.5cm   XL: 382cm

Frame width

S: 243.5cm   M: 314.5cm   L: 378cm   XL: 436m

Mat height

S: 91cm   M: 91cm   L: 91cm   XL: 91cm

Trampoline height

S: 281cm   M: 281cm   L: 281cm   XL: 281cm

Prevent the material tears and caught fingers of looser mesh. Unlike many trampolines, the tight weave also protects against frame contact by attaching straight to the jump mat.

There is 0 mm gap between the mat & net compared to 30 mm of the nearest competitor, when in use with 100kg static weight.

Fall on only the jump mat or net – never the metal coils, frame or poles thanks to springs that are totally external to the enclosure; poles and netting that arch in opposite directions and an entry that self-closes every time, with no fiddly zips or Velcro.

Enjoy your trampoline into the future, with thicker, heat-treated steel tubing that’s twice zinc galvanised from top to bottom – even on the inside.


We have done our research on trampolines and we were very excited to test out the Medium Ultra Trampoline by Vuly TrampolinesThe delivery was fast and contactless and the set up wasn’t too hard.  The instructions said it should take approximately 1 hour, but in all honestly it took us 2 hours. There are no nuts, bolts or Velcro making this the product quite easy to put together.

Expect full protection, with foam and long-lasting bisonyl that’s secured directly to the springs by extra-strong PVC loops to keep springs far out of reach.

Our daughter gave it the big thumbs up and is on there everyday after school and on the weekends.  She’s just waiting for lockdown to be lifted so her friends can come over and have some fun with her.

We highly recommend the Ultra Trampoline by Vuly TrampolinesWe absolutely love that little fingers will not get squeezed or pinched in the springs and the safety of the entire product is outstanding. 

This would be an amazing gift for your kids for Christmas which is fast approaching and while we are currently in lockdown, this will keep the little ones entertained for hours on end.

Prices start from $849.00 AUD.

For more information, please visit the website and

We would like to thank Vuly Trampolines for sponsoring this product to test out and as always, we would never recommend a service or product that we didn’t honestly enjoy.




  1. November 23, 2020  1:22 am by Barbara Kelman Reply

    Looks good. Sounds if it was not to complicated to set up. Sounds like your daughter was very excited to have such a safe trampoline to play on 👍

  2. November 23, 2020  3:56 am by Kylie Reply

    This looks fantastic. We are looking for a new trampoline for Christmas for the boys.

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