Cadbury has done it again bringing joy to thousands of kids at The Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday at Werribee Mansion, Werribee.  This year, the event was bigger and better with an extra 2000 tickets on sale, bringing the crowd to a total of 8000 people.

Tickets are at a low cost of $15 each for kids and adults and it’s a fantastic day out for the entire family.  Since 2001, the event has been held to support The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal and has raised in excess of $1 million for children and families at the hospital.  Last year my family went and we had a great time, and this year I promised to be more organised with food and drinks, and I was.

When: Good Friday, March 25th 2016

Where: Werribee Mansion, K Road, Werribee, VIC, 3030

What: A family day filled with fun and excitement for children of all ages.  Easter egg hunts, carnival rides, egg and spoon races, live entertainment, craft activities for the kids and food and drink vendors.

Cost: $15 per ticket.  Children 3 and under are FREE.   Rides cost $5 per person or you can go on unlimited rides for a $25 wristband

It started out as a rainy day leaving our home and left us wondering on the drive in, should we go or should we cancel, but thankfully we went and the weather gods were kind to us, giving us a full day of sunshine. (And not to mention getting sun burnt as I forgot my hat and sunscreen)

We arrived there nice and early and set up our spot on the beautifully manicured lawns.  Picnic blanket down, small kid’s tent up, food unpacked and drinks on ice in the esky.  Perfect!

First on the agenda after setting up our spot on the lawn, was my daughter’s age group Easter Egg Hunt. All the hunts are timed, colour coded and separated per age group so it was fair for all the kids.  Cadbury gave out over 500,000 Easter Eggs; yes you read it correct, 500,000.


We then headed over to the craft tent (which was free).  My daughter was able to decorate her own craft Easter egg with textures and glittery bits.  She was also able to make a great Easter card for me, priceless.

The carnival rides were a big hit with all the kids, however we did not go on any of them as the line per ride was just enormous, and I mean ENORMOUS!  I think this is something that the organisers need to look at because there were so many complaints from parents that were waiting over an hour to an hour and a half to get their kids on the rides, which is just crazy.  After seeing the lines on ALL of the rides, we decided not to buy any tickets, because it would be just impossible to line up with a 3 year old for over an hour when she would expect just to go on it right away.  We did drop a few gold coins into the fundraising tins instead.

We did however go over to the back pocket of the park where they had the egg and spoon races, face painting, sack races and a few other games for the kids, which were all FREE.



Here are my Hot Tips for next year.

** Aim to get there as early as possible and set up your picnic area. Be prepared, there’s not a lot of shade there.

** Hit the rides nice and early as in the afternoon, you can be expected to wait over an hour.

** Take your own food and drinks (you can bring in your own wine and beers too).  There are onsite food vans, but the wait is very long and the food overpriced.

** Make sure you bring cash with you.  Food and entertainment operate on cash basis only.

** If it’s a hot day, bring something to store your stash of Easter Eggs in, otherwise they will end up in a hot mess.

** Be prepared for a big crowd and queues.

**Drop some gold coins or better yet some notes, in the fundraising tins to support a great cause

** Arrive at your egg hunt early.

Overall, we had a wonderful day out and really enjoyed our day.  It’s a great way to spend Good Friday and also a fantastic way to support The Royal Children’s Hospital.

I would like to thank AMPR for hosting my visit and allowing my family and I to share this experience with you all.  And as always, I would never endorse or recommend a service or product that I didn’t honestly enjoy!

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