Celebrating a birthday in Victoria, Australia lately has been interesting due to COVID-19 and being in lockdown.

Victorians have had to find different ways of celebrating loved ones birthdays over the past 4 to 6 months, so we decided to compile a few tips and tricks that we can share as we too have missed not only my birthday but my husbands too. 

My daughter’s birthday is also upcoming in the next few weeks as well, so she is quite sad not to have a birthday party this year.  I think its been quite hard on kids as the younger ones don’t really understand on why they are missing out this year, so we must find extra ways of making them feel special.

Order Food In

There are many companies doing this right now, so why not treat yourself. High end restaurants, local takeaway, sweets and treats, the list is endless.

Birthday Deliveries

Balloons, cakes, doughnut bouquets, flowers and party supplies.  Just google search and you will find heaps of local businesses ready to deliver.

Get Social

Zoom Calls, Face Time, Phone Calls, Text Messages. There are many ways to share your special day with loved ones these days, so you just need to be text savvy.

Virtual Shopping Spree

Why not treat yourself to some online shopping?  As the shops have just re-opened again in Victoria and they are so busy and hectic (with not much stock available either) so why not do it from the comfort of your own home.

Photo Shoot

Costume or Fancy dress up Photo Shoot.  Take some amazing photos at home, because we all know that 2020 is the year to remember and look back on.

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Hope you enjoyed your Birthday while in Isolation this year and remember to always make someone else feel extra special.  If you have any extra tips, please comment below.

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