Great Burgers, check.

Awesome Melbourne View, check.

In a train four stories up, ummm check.

That’s right, you read it correctly. Welcome to Easey’s Burger Restaurant, Bar and Grill.  Located in Collingwood, Melbourne and perched on the top of a building in a train.

“Easey’s Burgers was birthed from one man’s mission to consume every burger he possibly can. The man known as Jimmy Burgers has spent the past three years eating burgers every day. During this time his eaten over 3,000 burgers, released a book ‘The Burger Book – Victoria’ which has sold nearly 10,000 copies; taken social media by storm with a combined network of close to 35,000 and most recently is working on a short film series based on his burger adventures”.

“Jimmy through all his experience has developed a simple high quality menu, that’s both Easey on your pocket and delicious in your mouth. Easey’s is a consistent product that leaves you with an insatiable desire for more”.

As you walk through the front door with the big symbolic “E”, the first thing that you will notice is the old retro train seats and tables.  I loved that the tables had the old original yellow ticket as a table top, so cool!! After snapping a few photos and reminiscing about my days on the train and getting told off for having my feet on the seats (had to do it while we were in there), brought me back to why I was really here.  I wanted to check out the top floor train carriage and devour a burger.  So up a few flights of stairs we went.

The menu is pretty straight forward and doesn’t take long to pick something.  If I could make a suggestion, I would have loved to see a kids menu, although the staff was great and put something together for my daughter.  Although she didn’t eat a lot, she had a lot of fun playing in the carriage and driving the train.  TOOT TOOT…

I would have also loved to have seen a few more dessert items on the menu.  The $2.50 doughnut was delicious although a few other options would have been great.

My only other suggestion that I could make is about the music.  I’m not sure if Easey’s is targeted for families, but I was there early on a Saturday morning and the music wasn’t the best with almost every second word being a swear word.  Normally I wouldn’t mind if it’s just the adults, but when you’re there with kids, it does make an impact. (But these are only my suggestions).

What else can I say about Easey’s?  It’s cool, very retro, has a great burger menu and has that unique experience.  It’s a great venue to take some arty photos and I’m pretty sure the kids will love it playing in the carriage.

My only other question is: Does anyone know what’s in the other two carriages?

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Thanks to Samsonite for providing the Mooval Large Horizontal Bag pictured above.

For more information, please visit:

Address: 48 Easey Street, Collingwood, VIC, 3066
Contact: (03) 9079 5942

I was a paying guest at Easey’s and as always I would never endorse or recommend a service or product that I didn’t honestly enjoy!




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