KidZania is one of the fastest growing kid’s hands-on entertainment brands in the world. It is an interactive indoor theme park combining inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play for children aged 4 to 17.

At KidZania Singapore, kids can independently explore an 81,000 square feet kid-sized city, complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and a functioning economy, just like in a real world. Through realistic role-play, they learn about different careers, the inner-workings of a city and the concept of managing money.

KidZania is designed to educate through experience, fostering the development of life skills, giving kids the confidence and inspiration to be great global citizens. KidZania has become a global phenomenon with numerous locations throughout the world.

Each KidZania location offers experiences that are relevant to a particular region, culture and geography by way of food, entertainment and professions. Each activity is carefully crafted in close collaboration with real-world brands to ensure the realism and authenticity that is synonymous with the brand.

Beyond the presence of familiar sights and sounds of both local and international brands, KidZania Singapore also prides itself to be the first KidZania in the world to house a full-wing fuselage of a Boeing 737. Located on Sentosa Island, it is also the first KidZania city to be located on an island resort.


Acting Academy


Take the stage and train to be an Actor by taking lessons in acting and showcase your newly acquired acting skills for your family and friends with a performance in the Theatre!

Art Studio


Get creative and add colours to the colouring sheets featuring our RightZKeepers.

Parents Welcome: As an Artisan

Giveaway for Kids: Colouring Sheet

Bank and Vault

Cash Officer

Activate your Debit Card anytime during the City’s operating hours at the Bank.

At the Vault, be a Cash Officer and work as a team to prepare, deliver and protect the CitiZens’ money to ensure they reach their destinations safely!

Parents Welcome: As a Cash Officer (For Vault activity)

Aviation Academy

First Officer – Pilot, Cabin Crew

Get a rare opportunity to be inside a cockpit and have a taste of what it feels like to operate an aircraft! Work in the sky as you flash your brightest smile and serve the passengers on board the flight as an esteemed Cabin Crew!

Limited Role-Play Sessions: Each kid can choose to be a First Officer or Cabin Crew only once per visit

Parents Welcome: As a Cabin Passenger (For Cabin Crew activity)

Convenience Store

Junior Cashier, Store Assistant, Customer

Role-play three roles in one place! Learn how to manage a shop and ensure your store is always well stocked to keep the customers happy! Or engage in retail therapy and shop to your heart’s content with your shopping list.

Parents Welcome: As a Customer

Courier Service


Safeguard the package to make sure it gets to the customers on time, and in its original state! Can you do it through the labyrinth of little streets in the city of KidZania Singapore? The challenge is yours!

Parents Welcome: As a Courier


Crime Scene Investigator

Do you have what it takes to crack the case? Be a Crime Scene Investigator and keep your eyes peeled for clues and hints that have been spread across the city. The CitiZens are counting on you!

Driving School

Trainee Driver

Apply for a driving licence by familiarising yourself with the road signs and rules! Remember to drive responsibly and obey the traffic rules in order to pass the final test.

Pre-requisite: Eye Test Card (Optical Shop)

Safety Requirements: Kids must be in covered shoes

Minimum Height Requirement: Kids must be at least 120cm tall

Giveaway for Kids: Driver’s Licence

Department Store


What’s work with no play? Reward yourself for your hard work and shop till you drop with your kidZos at the Department Store! Find the best buys and the coolest knick knacks which money cannot buy. Only kidZos are accepted here.

Fire Station

Fire Fighter

The fire is threatening to burn down the hotel. Put on your uniforms, hop on the big red fire engine and get ready to put out the inferno!

Limited Role-Play Sessions: Kids can participate only once per visit

Ice Cream Factory

Ice Cream Maker

Learn about the ingredients that goes into the cold treat that everybody loves! Here’s your chance to make your very own ice cream and have some while you’re at it!

Limited Role-Play Sessions: Kids can participate only once per visit

Giveaway for Kids: A stick of Ice Cream

Petrol Station

Assistant Petrol Station Manager

The city cars are depending on you to keep them running. Learn more about the different types of fuel and its applications, as you fill up the cars with fuel at the petrol station.

Giveaway for Kids: A Notepad

Pizza Shop

Pizza Chef

Create your own pizza, and have the freedom to arrange the delicious pizza ingredients on it. Learn more about the ingredients and the dough, and watch it all come together at the Pizza Shop.

Limited Role-Play Sessions: Kids can participate only once per visit

Giveaway for Kids: Personal Pizza

Police Station

Police Officer

Do you have the discipline and courage to protect the city? Ensure the safety of the citizens of KidZania Singapore as you patrol around the city with your fellow officers in blue, and keep a lookout for any signs of danger. Your call of duty might just be around the corner!


Children 4 to 17 years old S$58.00

Adult 18 to 59 years old S$35.00

Toddler 2 to 3 years old S$25.00

Senior 60 years old and above S$25.00

Infant Under 2 years FREE

**Prices correct at time of Post**


** Be open to new learning and new experiences

** Encourage young children to participate


My daughter had a wonderful day here learning and being educated on different job roles.  What an amazing concept KidZania is and we can’t wait to one comes to Melbourne, Australia. We will definitely be visiting KidZania again in the near future.  Thank You for the amazing day.

We would like to thank KidZania for hosting our visit and as always, we would never recommend a service or product that we didn’t honestly enjoy.

For more information, please visit:


Address: Palawan Kidz City. 31 Beach View #01-01/02 Singapore 098008



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