Packing.  Some people LOVE it and some people just HATE it.  Some people neatly pack in packing cubes (like ME) and others just throw it all in.  What kind of packer are you?

I have always been a good suitcase packer thanks to my Dad (Thanks Dad), but after checking in and out of hotels more frequently lately, I have become so much better and smarter about the whole process.  Now most of you are probably reading this and thinking “what process” but let me tell you, there’s definitely a process to it all especially when you’re travelling with kids (but that’s another day on another post).

What makes packing easier is having a great set of Suitcases and this is where the Brand New Lojel Cubo Suitcases come in handy.  The smart flat-top opening (which is my favourite feature) ensures maximum packing capacity.

The Anti-Scratch Textured Surface will protect your case from those nasty baggage handlers who like to throw our cases onto the luggage belts and purposely scratch the good ones.  I’m sure they do that, well maybe they don’t, but sometimes my cases are completely scratched head to toe, but this feature will definitely prevent that from happening. Winning.


Advance PC Polycarbonate Shells

10 Year Warranty

Flat-top Opening

Easy Access Front Compartment (Small only)

Anti-Scratch Textured Surface

Double Coil Zippers

Dual Wheel System

TSA Lock System


Small 3.2 kg

Medium 3.9 kg

Large 5.2 kg


Small 39 (43) L

Medium 70 (77) L

Large 120 (130) L


Small 54cm x 36cm x 26

Medium 65cm x 45cm x 30cm

Large 77.5cm x 55cm x 34cm





Burgundy red


Small 54 to 56 cm $499.00

Medium 64 to 71 $579.00

Large 74 to 82 $649.00


We tested the Medium and Small Lojel Cubo Suitcases on our recent staycations in Melbourne City and they held up very well.  We actually threw them around quite a bit to really test them out.  We loved that the small carryon case has a front opening pocket which makes accessibility very easy.

For more information, please visit:

 Lojel Australia



I would like to thank Lojel Australia for donating the Cubo Collection Suitcases for the purpose of this review and as always, I would never recommend a service or product that I didn’t honestly enjoy.




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