The Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore is one of the top family attractions in Singapore and is located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island.  The water park features a combination of an adventure filled waterpark and encounters with marine life.


Dueling Racer

Ready. Set. Slide! Grab a racer mat and take your friend on a dueling high-speed competitive plunge to the finish line. Clock the fastest time down this steep Dueling Racer and claim victory with the biggest thrill ever.

Pipeline Plunge

It’s like riding a water tornado in the dark! Experience dropping through an elevated chute that sends you careening down banked turns, radical twists and dips before splashing out in a pool of water.

Spiral Washout

Get funneled into an oscillating tube ride that will leave you and your friends reeling through a twisting, turning water flume. Hold on tight as you soar at incredible speed before spilling out into a splash pool.


Packed with non-stop activities for aquatic thrill-seekers, Splashworks challenges the daredevil in you to walk the balance beam, cross the tight rope, climb the cargo net, and leap without fear off the platform cliff jump.

Wet Maze

Propel into action-packed excitement at this two-level adventure play experience. Navigate your way out of the ground level maze but watch out for sneaky water blasters, water sprays and more.

Whirlpool Washout

Get ready for a whirl of excitement as you power through revolutions, twists, turns and dips before spilling out into an open cool splash pool.

Adventure River

Grab a tube and take a leisurely ride down Adventure River, floating through 14 stunning scenes including a lush jungle garden, a mysterious grotto and an underwater tunnel with a sea of marine life swimming above and around you.

Big Bucket Treehouse

Get wet and wild at the Big Bucket Treehouse! Share the rush of the giant bucket tipping over gallons of fun in an action-packed wonderland of interactive water plays. It’s the coolest place for kids to be.

Bluwater Bay

You’re sure to catch a wave at Bluwater Bay where the surf’s always up! Come share the rush in this giant wave pool and have a swell of a time with the family.

Seahorse Hideaway

Everything is sized just right for your tots. Let them loose to splash around in this shallow wading pool, complete with playful fountains. It’s a fun hideaway for you and your tots to have a rollicking good time.


The Bay Restaurant

Enjoy scrumptious Japanese fusion dishes in the relaxing, breezy ambience of The Bay Restaurant, a quick-service dining venue that makes the perfect stop between thrills and spills.

Blu Ice Treats

Make a quick stop for a corndog, sandwich and other snacks, as well as replenish your energy with beverages to equip yourself for more thrills and spills

Hot Dogs and Drinks Cart

For those in need of serious appetite whetting, indulge in steaming hot dogs, nasi briyanis, and bangers and mash, while topping it off with cold drinks.

Reef ‘n Wave Wear

With a variety of branded surf and swim apparel, flip flops, themed collectibles and more under one roof, Reef n Wave Wear is a retail paradise for cool gifts and souvenirs.


  • If you don’t want to eat in the Waterpark, you can get re-entry so you can eat outside the waterpark.
  • If you don’t have towels like us, you can buy them from the gift shop, but we advise you to bring your own..
  • There are lockers at the entrance and near the Bay Restaurant. We preferred the ones at Bay Restaurant as its conveniently located and you don’t have to walk back to the entrance to access your belongings.
  • Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen as most of the rides are outdoors, it tends to get very hot.


Adventure Cove Waterpark
One-Day Ticket

Each regular priced ticket is valid for the selected date of visit for one-time park entry.

  • Adult (Age 13-59) – SGD38 *at time of post*
  • Child (Age 4-12) – SGD30 *at time of post*
  • Senior (Age 60 and above) – SGD30 *at time of post*


Adventure Cove is open daily from 10am to 6pm.

We had a wonderful day at Adventure Cove Waterpark although it was cut short due to the rain.  We would highly recommend this waterpark to families as it had something to cater for all ages.

We would like to thank Adventure Cove Waterpark for hosting our visit and as always, we would never recommend a service or product that we didn’t honestly enjoy.

For more information, please visit:

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269



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