With the Grand Final Public Holiday long weekend in Melbourne over the weekend, I decided it was the perfect day on Friday to take my daughter to Croc’s Playcentre in Lyndhurst, to let her burn off some steam energy.  I was actually expecting the playcentre to be quite busy with everyone having the day off, but I was obviously mistaken, they must of all been in the city enjoying the Grand Final Parade or cooling off down at the beach.  There was only one booked party and a few other families around.  Perfect!

Croc’s in Lyndhurst, has a huge variety of activities to do for kids all of ages.  The toddler play area, (which is gated and enclosed) is dedicated for children 4 years and under.  There is also Victoria’s biggest ball-battle zone, the huge inflatable jumping pillow, the giant speed slide, a 2 lane bike track and a slam dunk basketball area.

Admission Prices

Children 1 to 2 years $9.50

Children 3 to 5 years $11.50

Children 6 and over  $12.50

**Free entry for adults and children under 1 year old.**

Don’t forget to stop for a break to enjoy a well-deserved coffee or a delicious cake/slice or even some lunch at the playcentre.  The café is dishing up some yummy meals which also includes a few healthy options too.

There are a couple improvements that I would love to suggest to the playcentre, to make my experience better.  The first one being that I think they could do with some more balls in the toddler play area.  They have a ball pit in there, but it was quite empty.  Maybe all the balls were taken from there and used for the battle zone??  I watched a couple of kids, including my daughter, jump into the ball pit to land right on the bottom. Ouch!!!

The second improvement I would suggest is that where the party rooms are located, maybe they have a barrier to keep the parents from standing and talking on the trackside.  My daughter was riding her bike within the track and every time she rode past the party rooms, the parents were standing all over the track and we had to ride around them and keep asking them to move.  A little barrier would be perfect to keep the kids safer when riding.

**Please note that these are my suggestions and opinions only**

Overall we had a really great time there.  I loved that the staff was dressed up in the footy colours to celebrate the Grand Final weekend.  I found the centre to be really clean  and well maintained and loved that they have ample car parking on site. Also don’t forget to bring socks for the kids to play in and make sure your kids are supervised at all times.

Would I be back?  Absolutely, my daughter had a wonderful time there and I can’t wait to take her on the giant slide when she gets a bit bigger.

I would like to thank Crocs Lyndhurst for hosting my experience and as always I would never endorse or recommend a service or product that I didn’t honestly enjoy!

For more information:

Croc’s Playcentre Lyndhurst

Unit 5, 97 Monash Drive, Lyndhurst, VIC, 3975

Phone: 03 8782 0045

Website: www.crocsplaycentre.com.au/lyndhurst

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CrocsPlaycentreLyndhurst


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