“Australia’s Sweetest Morning Tea (ASMT) was created to celebrate diversity and sweetness with meaning by empowering contributors to think differently and above all else to create awareness and raise funds for Cancer Research”.

I teamed up with the amazing talented cake designer and stylist Lynette from Cakes2Kreate to put together our submission for ASMT.


In deciding on her colour palette, Lynette wanted to lean towards more masculine tones and use inspiration from building materials such as steel, stone, brick and wood.
Using the theme “simple sophistication” and our inspiration of the sculpture of where the photo shoot was taken, Lynette tried to imagine what design elements one would find inside the “HOTEL” sculpture.  From quilted cushions, to ornate ceilings and decorative mouldings, her inspiration of the inside would be described as “Industrial Vintage”.
The perfect location was found at the “HOTEL” on Eastlink.  The Hotel, (has NO VACANCY) is not really a Hotel but was created by Callum Morton and is a 20 metre high sculpture.  Callum said “motorists will view it from the car as an actual hotel”.  The Hotel is made from concrete, steel and glass and is situated between Greens Road & Bangholme Road, Dandenong South in Melbourne, Victoria.  It has solar panels on the windows, so if your driving past at night, it will light up and you will think its real.
The Hotel oozes clean lines and structure together with inspiration from art, architecture, sculpture and fashion, which to us, is exactly what the concept of this years Australia’s Sweetest Morning Tea 2014 is all about.  We couldn’t have come up with a better location for a morning tea then this Hotel, but the question really is “What’s inside the Hotel?”  It’s simple and sophisticated if you don’t over think it!!!


Cakes and Styling
Christine King
Sweet treats


The magazine is available for purchase online and $5 from every sale goes directly to The Cancer Council.  I hope you all can please purchase your copy, not only to support Lynette and myself in our work, but to also contribute to such a needy cause.

Copies are available from BUY HERE




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