Nungnung Waterfall is a beautiful secluded waterfall located in NungNung Village approximately 35km north of Ubud, Bali.  The strenuous hike down to the falls is a whopping 700 steps and they aren’t your normal steps.  Some are tiny, some are very deep and some are completely broken.

Once you finally get to the bottom, the view is just magical.  It’s worth every strenuous step down, but coming back up, that’s a different story.  Let’s just say, we were out of breath, resting every 10 to 20 steps and felt like vomiting.  And to top it off, we had our 5-year-old daughter with us.  She did amazing and I’m very proud of her.  The heat mixed with the hike is an adventure and one that you will remember forever.  It was a huge workout for us, but I’m glad we did it.  It was fantastic.


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