Valentine’s Day 2014, we decided to place a love lock on the Yarra Footbridge in Melbourne with our then 1 year old daughter, hoping that in a few years we could come back and show her when she was older.

It has been announced that Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said “about 20,000 locks would be removed and asked for some “bright ideas” from Melburnians about what to do with the locks”.

The Herald Sun revealed that the 20,000 padlocks will be removed from the Southgate footbridge within days by the council due to safety concerns.

The trend has caused ­issues for cities around the world. In Paris, there was so much love that part of the Pont des Arts Bridge collapsed.

I might try and take a trip back into Melbourne City and see if i can salvage our love lock.

Here are some photos of when we placed the lock on the Yarra Footbridge back in February 2014.

Have you placed a Love Lock on the Yarra Footbridge in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world? What do you think, should they leave the love locks on the bridge or get rid of them?  I would love to hear your feedback.




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