Sunday……. beautiful weather in Melbourne and a long weekend (thanks to Labour Day) and what better opportunity then to take the family to The Melbourne Aquarium.  I have been once before but it was many, many years ago.  In fact, it was so long ago that I can hardly remember what it was like.  I had told my 2 year old daughter that we were going to see the “fishies” today and she was so excited.

The Melbourne Aquarium is located on the Yarra River, opposite Crown Entertainment Complex and is home to over 10,000 animals.  The aquarium hosts one of the world’s largest Saltwater Crocodiles in the Croc Lair exhibit.  The interactive animal encounters are just wonderful and very educational for the kids.

There are so many different sections to visit in Melbourne Aquarium.  Some of these are the Bays of Rays, Coral Caves, Shipwreck Explorer, Penguin Playground, Seahorse Pier and Rainforest Adventure.  My favourite was the Penguin Playground.  The viewing area is just spectacular and watching them swimming underwater is just amazing.

My hot tip for visiting The Melbourne Aquarium is to try and come mid-week rather than the weekend.  It was so busy that it was difficult to get and see a lot of the exhibits.  If you don’t mind taking a leisurely stroll through then that’s fine, but with a 2 year old, it was quite difficult for her to understand to just line up and wait.

I really enjoyed our visit to Melbourne Aquarium and would definitely recommend it to be one to tick off the bucket list in Melbourne.  It’s a very educational visit for adults and children.

Thank you to Melbourne Aquarium for hosting our visit and as always, my opinions are my own.

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Have you ever been to the Melbourne Aquarium?  If so, how was your visit?




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